Food – "Орхидея" | гостинично-оздоровительный комплекс
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  • Weather: 17° C / 49° F

Cafe “Orhidea” offers a unique comfort of the main hall and a shady cool terrace overlooking the outdoor pool.
The cafe provides its guests with a wide variety of interesting dishes for the most demanding taste. Therefore, we lined up the menu in order to please our guests with an unforgettable taste and the quality of the freshest products, as well as classic and special dishes from the chef.
Whether you are having a vacation with your family, enjoying a romantic holiday or planning to organize conferences in Henichesk – the cafe “Orhidea” will present you a real gastronomic delight.
For those who care about their health and beauty, we offer a special diet menu.
Small guests with an appetite will be satisfied with dishes from the kids’ menu of the cafe “Orhidea”.
A small bonus to a good vacation will be a sincere smile of the waiter.
The complex menu is available – full board (breakfast + lunch + dinner), half board (breakfast + lunch or dinner), as well as selected dishes which are available according to the menu with all your wishes.
For your convenience, we present an introductory menu:

Breakfast to choose from:
Omelettes / scrambled eggs with ham, cheese, vegetables and sausages
Sweet pancakes, with cottage cheese or with meat
Porridge, casseroles, cheese pancakes, pastries
Handmade vareniki and dumplings
For any option of the breakfast is served vegetable salad, cheese, butter, bread.
Tea or coffee
Borsch with sour cream / Chicken soup / soup with meatballs, etc.
Beef goulash / stuffed cabbage / bubble and squeak with meat / vegetable stew with meat, cutlets
Mashed potatoes / vermicelli / buckwheat / rice
Vegetable Salads
Stewed fruit / Juice
Beef medallions / chop with meat / Beefsteak
Spaghetti / Mashed potatoes / home fries
Greek salad / Olivier salad, Caesar salad, Caprese
Tea / Juice