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1. General Provisions

1.1. Hotel and health complex «Orhidea» category *** is a small private hotel with 20 rooms (hereinafter referred to as hotel), which provides a wide range of services to the customer (the hotel client).
1.2. In its activities, the Orhidea Hotel is governed by the laws of Ukraine and the «Rules of the Use of Hotels» approved by the Order No. 19 of March 16, 2004. with additions.
1.3. The hotel must provide the client with quality hotel services in accordance with the requirements of these Rules. If there are any shortcomings, the customer has the right to make a note to the administrator or to make the corresponding notation in the Visitors’ Book of references and suggestions.
1.4. The hotel client must comply with the requirements of these accommodation rules and fire safety rules. If the client violates the accommodation rules, causes material damage or creates inconvenience to other residents, the hotel has the right to refuse settlement or terminate the contract with subsequent eviction.
1.5. Children cannot stay on site without an adult. Parents are fully responsible for children’s’ health and safety.
1.6. The hotel operates 24 hours a day.

2. Information on services

2.1. The hotel provides the following basic services, which are included in the price of the room:
— accommodation in a room that corresponds to the paid category;
— use of the stationary swimming pool located on the territory of the hotel;
— provision of the inventory depending on the category of the room;
— Delivery of correspondence to the room;
— calling a taxi;
— calling an ambulance;
— room reservation;
— safe deposit boxes service.
2.2. The hotel provides the following additional services, provided for a fee:
— services of a bar and a cafe from 8-00 to 20-00 (conduct ordering the services of a cafe or bar at the reception);
— delivery of breakfast, lunch or dinner to the room (order by phone 222)
— sauna with a swimming pool;
— massage room with a massage therapist;
— payphone for long-distance telephone communication;
— fax and Internet services;
— a conference room providing.
2.3. The room rate includes accommodation for 2 people. Children under 5 years old stay in the hotel for free. Additional accommodation for persons of 5 years and over is based on an additional payment in accordance with the administrator’s price list.
2.4. The cost of living and the cost of additional services is set according to the administrator’s price list.
2.5. The price list for the services of the bar and cafe is at the reception.

3. Service Delivery Procedure

3.1. The hotel room is offered to the client after presenting a passport or other identity document (passport, seaman’s identity document, driver’s certificate, military ticket, birth certificate of minors, certificate issued at the place of work). The settlement is made after the client completes the guest questionnaire and the client is registered in the journal of registration and paid the full cost of living. In this case, the client is given a guest card with the number and date of departure.
3.2. Guests are checked-in the hotel from 13-30 hours, and checked-out until 12-00 hours.
3.3. The Guest shall pay for the room in one installment for the whole period of stay while signing on due to the price list in accordance with the established system of a single settlement hour.
3.4. When you check in the hotel at 6-00 in the morning before the estimated time of arrival, the payment for the stay is charged as for a full day.
3.5. At an early check-in from 6 — 00 to 12 — 00 in the morning the payment for accommodation is charged as for half a day. The hotel administration reserves the right to resolve the issue of payment for early checking in the amount of 1 day payment.
3.6. At the late check-out after the check-out time 12:00 (before 18-00 o’clock) the payment for accommodation is charged for half of a day, more than 6 hours (AFTER 18-00 o’clock) — as for a full day. The hotel administration reserves the right to resolve the issue of payment for the late check-out in the amount of 1 day payment.
3.7. Change of bed linen, towels and other toiletries is made at least twice a week.
3.8. The hotel does not accept the deposit of money and other valuables and it is not responsible for its safety.
3.9. The forgotten things are stored in the hotel for three months, after this period they are written off according to the act.
3.10. Rules of using a stationary swimming pool:
3.10.1. It is not allowed for children to play around the pool or in it without adults supervision. The depth of the pool is more than 1.5 meters.
3.10.2. When using the swimming pool, guests are fully independent responsible for the personal safety and for the safety of their children.
3.10.3. It is not allowed to throw sharp objects and glass things to the pool. In the case of significant pollution of the pool, the cost of replacing of 35 tons of pool water is no less than 2000 UAH.
3.10.4. When using the pool, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, you must be careful, considering that wet objects can be slippery.
3.10.5. When carrying out preventive works, the use of the pool is prohibited!
3.11. Additional services for the hotel guests are provided outside the waiting list for a fee.

4. How to book a room

4.1 The hotel concludes agreements of the room reservation with the customer by accepting an application for booking via postal, telephone, facsimile or Internet connection.
4.2 The contract is considered concluded if the customer paid the reservation and received a written, oral or facsimile acceptance for the reserved seat. The booking fee is charged in the amount of 3 nights for the corresponding category room.
4.3 If the customer does not check-in until 18-00 on the day of arrival, or in the agreement period, the reservation is canceled. At the same time, the booking fee is not refundable.
4.4 In the case of timely cancellation (customer refusal with the reservation and hotel services), the hotel makes a refund of the reservation payment amount to the customer with the exception of the 3 day cost.  The issue of the return of prepayment funds (except for hotel losses compensation) is considered by the hotel administration within 90 calendar days.
4.5 Reservation prepayment is taken into account in hotel services fee upon arrival of the client.
4.6. When settling in for a shorter period of stay (in accordance with the reservation of the room) or leaving before the paid period of stay, the hotel compensates its losses by not-refunding previously payment. The hotel can be re-booked on another date or for another peason according to the reservation.
4.7. With advance payment of 3 nights or more accommodation in the room (reservation) and refusal to stay at the hotel for the specified period, the hotel compensates its losses by not-refunding previously payment. The hotel can be re-booked on another date or for another peason according to the reservation.

5. Responsibility of the hotel and clients for non-fulfillment of duties during the stay in the hotel

5.1 If there are shortcomings in the provided service, the hotel client is entitled to demand the elimination of defects in a certain period.
5.2 The hotel must take measures to eliminate the shortcomings of the provided service within 24 hours from the time the customer claims it.
5.3 Compensation for damage caused by the client in connection with the loss or damage to the property of the hotel or its equipment is carried out by the client in accordance with the inventory passport, taking into account the replacement costs and within the current legislation of Ukraine.
5.4. To prevent the situation of overloading the power grid of the hotel, while stay at the hotel, it is forbidden to use your own electrical appliances (multicooker, electric kettle, electric oven, iron, etc.)

6. Control over compliance with the Rules.

6.1 The hotel is obligated to monitor the compliance of the staff and the hotel customers with these Rules.
6.2. The control over the hotel observance of these Rules is carried out by the local self-government bodies — the Henichesk District Administration, and the Sanitary Inspection is exercised by the Henichesk District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station.

Be sure to read the fire safety rules.
General instructions on fire safety requirements for employees and visitors of the hotel and health center «Orhidea» are at the reception.
In the case of fire there is the evacuation scheme of in every room

Helpline Phones:
Hotel Administrator -201
The city call with 9
Fire protection service 9-101
Information Desk 9-109
Ambulance 9-103

• Changing date of arrival-departure without commission, if vacant rooms are available;
• Changing any dish of complex menu by guests wishes

An integral part of these Rules are the following applications: download